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Ha bármilyen nehézségei vagy problémái lennének Nedis termékeivel, segítséget kaphat az adott termékoldalon vagy weboldalunk GYIK részében. Ha a kapott információk alapján nem tudta megoldani a problémát, vegye fel velünk a kapcsolatot az alábbi űrlapon keresztül. Miután megkaptuk a kérdését, a lehető legrövidebb időn belül válaszolunk.

Gyakran Feltett Kérdések
A következő angol nyelvű kérdéseket találtuk Önnek

Turn off the airconditioner
Press and hold the fan button until you hear the beep.
The airconditioner is now reset and it can be added in the app.

Yes you can.
Each person needs a unique account on their mobile device.
To add them as "family members" follow these steps:
In the main screen of the app tap on the name of your home (top left)
Tap on Home management
Tap on the name of your home again.
Tap on "add family members" and fill in the account details of the person you want to add.
It will give them access to all the devices in your home as a normal meber or admin (you can select this)

If you only want to share a single device in a home, go to the settings menu of the device and select "share device" -> add member.

This is probably a Wifi problem, this can be for various reasons.
1.) Wifi signal is unstable.
2.) Wifi signal is too weak.
3.) Using an access point with the same SSID and password that do not support the IEEE 802.11R standards.

Problem 1 can often be solved by restarting the router.
Problem 2 can be checked with an app Wifi analyzer with this the signal can be viewed and corrected to a better position.
Problem 3 can be checked as the access points are turned off, the Wifi signal is still good and the connection remains if the access points are a problem, a Mesh solution can then be used.
Please make sure that they support IEEE 802.11R standard.

You can add maximum 20 members.

We recommend you let it reset for at least an hour before using it.
This will give the sediment in the cooling system a chance to settle down.

To control your Nedis SmartLife products with Google Assistant, you need to assign your Smart Life products in a room also in Google home.

1. Start the Google home app.
2. choose Settings
3. choose More Settings
4. Go to the tab off your home.
5. If a device is not assigned to room, tab on the device name and assign it to a room.

Now, you can control your devices by Google home products.

Add the "Smart Life" service to Google Home (no Nedis in the name).

Go in Google Home to Assistent -> Home Control and choose here "Smart Life" as service.

Use the Login details of the "Nedis Smartlife" app.
Compatible Nedis SmartLife products will then be added to Google Home.

Power Delivery

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